Hire Tianna Hall & The Houston Jazz Band for your private party or corporate event. Vocalist Tianna Hall is available to perform with members of The Houston Jazz Band in as small a configuration as a vocal/guitar duo and as large as an 18 piece jazz orchestra/Big Band.  We are adaptable to any size venue no matter how intimate or how grand.  The Houston Jazz Band is also available as an instrumental group without vocals. If you are interested in bookings with either or both, contact us via email using the form below or by phone at 832-741-0930.

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About Our Services

There are many particulars that factor into your quote including but not limited to: Date of Event, Distance from Downtown Houston, Indoor/Outdoor, Start/End time, Number of Musicians, Appropriate Sound Equipment, Type of Event, Number of Guests, Venue, etc. Here are some of the particulars of the process that we will go through for your event should you decide to secure your booking:


Your booking with Tianna Hall and/or The Houston Jazz Band entitles you to a consultation on song selections and details surrounding your event. All of this information will be put into a PDF and forwarded on to all musicians and technicians involved followed by a confirmation of receipt on their part. The day prior to your event, all details will be reconfirmed with you and all musicians/technicians. The day of the event in the hour before setup should begin, all musicians/technicians will check in for any last minute changes and reconfirmation.


All equipment and musicians are set up and ready to perform 30 minutes prior to the set start time, should they need to start early for whatever reason. The band itinerary will be adjusted accordingly. We want there to be a smooth transition for every aspect of your event and if that means starting 20 minutes early or late, that is not a problem. The break schedule, as per the Musician's Union rules, requires that there is a 15 minute break for every hour of music played. So, on a typical 4 hour engagement, the band plays 1 full hour, breaks for 30 minutes, plays 1 full hour, breaks for 30 minutes and plays the final hour. On a typical 3 hour engagement, the band plays 1 full hour, breaks for 20 minutes, plays 40 minutes, breaks for 20 minutes and plays the final 40 minutes. Of course, we can adjust the schedule according to what is appropriate for your event. During our breaks, recorded music will be played though our high end sound systems in the same vein of music that is being performed live that evening.


Should the scheduled end time arrive and you need us to play longer, our overtime rate will apply. This rate will be supplied to you in your quote and contract.

Our Requests

We will need to be provided with drinking water and/or soft drinks as a minimum. We always appreciate being provided a meal for each member of the band. Other than that, we merely need a power outlet, adequate space for the size band you are booking with us and overhead cover, in the event that you have specified in your quote request/contract that we are to be performing outside.

A 50% deposit of the quoted amount is required to secure your booking. The remaining balance is due 7 days prior to your event. Your deposit can be returned to you if we are notified of cancellation 30+ days prior to your event. After 30 days, your deposit is non-refundable. There is an additional charge for outdoor events, even if covered. Subjecting our equipment and instruments to humidity, the sun and other elements is detrimental to their value and condition.

We will work very hard to accommodate your needs and hope to have the opportunity to do so.

Restaurant/Club bookings are handled with a standard artist contract and payment specifications are negotiable.

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